Friday, July 2, 2010

Best of Haircuts

There is not one day that goes by that I don't hear Gloria from Laura Branigan blaring from the radio - not one!   There is a reason for that.   Vienna is not stuck in the 18th century, it's stuck in the 80's and the hairdos reflect it!

Twice a year I try and find someone who won't have me leave the chair in tears or worse, with helmet head reserved for brides on their wedding day.   Brian runs his fingers through my hair on haircut days and they surface with treasures stuck to them.    The hair nest captures all sorts of goodies in it's sticky lair.

After numerous disappointments I saw a new place Seven P's open up.   It looks beautiful, but that's no sign.   The only thing I was hoping for is that being new they would try harder and do better.   Unlike massages or manicures I care about the environment my hair is tended to.   It needs to be calming and pleasant to off set the anxiety of potentially having a bad hair month.   At Seven P's everything they do is to decrease anxiety.   

Washing of the hair comes with a 10 minute scalp massage.  Relax.   Sitting in the seat looking like Marge with a towel wrapped around one's head is accompanied by a 5 minute shoulder massage.   Relax.  The wet poodle look comes with a side of nespresso.   Relax.  The shedding comes with a stunning array of design books and the coolest magazines one never sees (all in English).   Relax.  For a while you feast you eyes on gorgeous people with funked out hair and you think, this isn't so bad.

Then the blowout.   Soft and kind, Max's deft fingers play with my hair in perfect harmony with the musak.   Max, oh Max, you talented, sweet man with a flair for all things fabulous.   I bow down to thee for one reason and one reason alone.   You listen.  

Girls, aren't hairdressers worse than men?   They don't just have selective hearing, they really just don't listen.   "I want a trim" being said, you come out with a close shave.   "I want layers" being said, you come out with a blunt bob.   Has anyone EVER gotten just what they asked for.   Note to all hairdressers - If you are a frustrated artist, don't taken your frustrations out on me.   I don't want a creation, I just want you to do what I tell you.   If I say I want one inch off, don't take of five.  

So yes, Max listens.   But don't react like a typical woman - when he does listen don't be disappointed that he did exactly what you wanted.   If you go in looking like Beth, don't expect to come out looking like Rachel Welsh.  

Book Seven P.   The P should stand for peace, peace of mind.


Seven P
Wipplingerstrasse 24-26
1010 Wien
T 01/533 75 06
E Tuesday to Friday
from 09.00 to 18.30
from 09.00 to 17.00

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